Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote vote vote.

Tomorrow is election day. I'm extremely nervous and excited at the same time. I would love for Barack Obama to win, but no one actually knows what will happen do we?

Anyway to try and get rid of some of my nerves, I made cookies last night.

Obama cookies!

My sister Laura and I are voting together tomorrow and I urge you to go with family members and friends if you can. I think it makes it more fun, more like an event. It'll be the first presidential election she votes in so yay!

Obama cookies!

No special recipes used here, just this dough from Epicurious and instead of a normal liquidy frosting for these I made a buttercream with extra milk so it would be easier to pipe the decorations.

But the point of this post isn't about cookies, it's about voting. You all know who I'm voting for. :D

Obama cookies!